Primarily, we are growers of fresh fruits and vegetables for the past 30+ years, with willow growing being a relatively new facet to the crops we market.  We are currently making cuttings of our willow varieties available for sale from January 1st through approximately March 31st.   The list of the varieties we grow is mainly for basketry projects, along with a few others used for decorative use, such as the curlies.  All of these can also be used in making wreaths.  I create a LOT of wreaths from the various colored rods and find that combining the different colors makes some fantastic looking pieces.

All varieties offered can easily be grown in USDA hardiness zones 3 – 13.  Our farm is in East central Wisconsin, on the Niagra Escarpment, commonly known to the locals as “the Ledge”.  We are right on the line of Zone 4b/5a, where winter temps can get as low as -25 degrees F.  Summers are usually very warm and humid, which helps these willow rods reach tall heights.  The heights that I’ve included with each variety are what I have observed with my crop and reflect the fact that I coppice them annually during the dormant season.

Prior to ordering your cuttings, it would be advantageous to have your willow bed prepared and ready to be planted.  Get your weed cloth rolled out and pinned down and cut holes in the cloth where each cutting will be pushed down into the soil.

  • Cuttings will be sold in bunches of 5 (all cuttings will be the same variety in each bunch. 
  • No minimums order.
  • Fresh Products:  Cuttings harvested when you order
  • Cuttings will be in the 10” to 12” range. 
  • Price is $13 for each bunch of 5. 
  • Shipping will be in USPS Flat Rate boxes with Priority Delivery (2-3 days)
  • Shipping for up to 25 bunches:  $20 (125 cuttings)
  • Shipping over 25 bunches to 45 bunches: $25 (up to 225 cuttings)
  • Please call for quantities over 45 bunches.

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