Harvesting Schedule

Our crops are listed in a chronological format, according to when each is typically harvested.


Late June through mid July


Late June through mid July


Yukon Golds and Red Golds are always dug first, followed by Peter Wilcox and German Butterballs a few weeks later. Late June through end of October.


Sweet and tender crowns. Late June through mid September.

Green Beans

Slender and tender. Late June through end of July.


Full flavored and Juicy. Early July through end of July.


There is always an abundance of all the various colors – white, purple and gold. Early July through early October.


Beefsteak Slicers. Great for fresh eating, canning and freezing. End of July through first frost.

Tomatoes – Heirlooms

Brandy Boys, Cherokees, Gen-U-Wines, Oxhearts, Margolds – all are full flavored heirlooms. Mid July through end of September.

Tomatoes – Grape and Cherry

We offer the perfect combination of grape and cherry varieties: Chocolate Sprinkles, Berry Garden and Sweet Grape. All are sweet, juicy and flavorful! Mid July through end of September.

Tomatoes – San Marzano

“World’s sauciest tomato!” Best tomato for sauce. Late July through early October.


A cross between broccoli and cauliflower. Late July through early October.

Bell Peppers

Mild and sweet, we offer green, red and yellow. Late July through late September.


Excellent large yellow onions, mildly pungent. Stores well. Late July through mid-October.


Very sweet and flavorful. Early August through mid-September.


Red and yellow fleshed selections, all seeded for best flavor. Mid-August through end of September.

Super Sweet Corn

Extremely sweet and tender, bi-color varieties. Early August through late September.


Empires and Cortlands. Early September through first frost.

Pie Pumpkins

Mid-September through late October.

Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins

Large selection for carving and decorating. Ten pounds up to 60 pounds. Mid-September through end of October.


Many various shapes, sizes and colors. Mid-September through end of October.

Autumn Squash

Butternuts, Buttercups, Italian Rugosa, and Acorns. Mid-September through end of October.

Ornamental Corn

Large ears, as well as mini. We make a LOT of wreaths out of the mini ears. Mid-September through early November.

Autumn Decoratives

Swags and wreaths made from ornamental corn, dried flowers and dried grains and grasses for natural Fall decorating. Mid-September through early November.